Legacy of Fire Adventure Path

It was a Huecuva session…

The party set off at dawn and reached the abandoned temple of Sarenrea. The priest spotted his fellow cleric first and reached forth to embrace him as one does a fellow servant of the divine. Unfortunately all was not as it seemed and the creature was a perverted version of its former self. That said, it was swiftly dispatched, as it was burned, turned, and smited.

The party proceeded in searching the remainder of the temple, finding a portal beneath it to some uncertain doom or great treasure (fullplate one might hope). After receiving the blessing of the Dawnflower, Hagram seemed to feel lighter and expressed his new found purpose in life.

The group set out to leave the temple when they were ambushed by a patrol, with them a mighty fiend. The mighty wizard and cleric teamed up to unleash plumes of fire upon the gnolls. The demon creature leaped over the party and was beaten viciously by the fiend. Bit by bit, they wore the fiend down as the cleric healed them burst after burst of divine energy. The mighty scimitar, blessed by the gods, evened the battle as the paladin unleashed a mighty swipe from his knees. The group joined the silent bard who watched over the camels from afar and returned to the safety of their base.

The next day they again crossed the river and this is where the stories would certainly diverge. Osrane would hold that they came across some horrid creature, attempted to provoke her into combat and ended up compromising, though not in the especially disturbing way the dwarf attempted and despite the objections he yelled (his ears were covered). The rest believe that the harpy was quite reasonable (if a little nutty) and offered her aid in exchange for finding a basilisk head. Fortunately the party knew where one was and set off after it.

And this is where things got bad for them…

The paladin used his considerable acting skills and drew the creature out…pretending to be a sheep. Rags, the wizard, was frozen in stone nearly immediately as the creature ran past the paladin (who now gave up a completely different sense). Osrane was next and after a few feeble shield bashes also turned to stone. That left he battle to the druid and the cleric. The former summoned creatures from the earth itself, venomous spiders, rats, and stirges. The cleric healed the party, and brought forth the weapon of his deity to defeat the creature. All their powers expended, they reached for their final resource…a ring stolen from the Pugwampi king who has used it to great effect against the intrepid foursome earlier. Wave after wave of force was unleashed, and laid the creature low. Anya quickly butchered it and used the blood to save those turned to stone.

They returned the head to the Harpy and the deal was sealed before they once again returned to their home base.



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