Legacy of Fire Adventure Path

The events so far...

The intrepid adventuring party, yet to be named, were drawn together by a wealthy patron who wished to return the Battle Market of Kelmarane to its former glory. Persuaded by patriotism, the spirit of adventure, piety, and cold hard, cash (and perhaps a spellbook here or there) the party set off to meet their shadowy patron.

Upon their arrival the foreign flavor/harrower went up in a flaming wagon. The party set to work, saving goats and managed to destroyed any part of the wagon not burned by fire with a deluge of water.

Using their limited skills of investigation, the party narrowed the possible guilty parties down to two major players. One group focused on pugwampi, small, magical, ankle-biting creatures of horrible luck. The other focused on Dashki. Over time the group focused on the latter and the mighty fighter, Rags, was nearly laid low bringing the creature to justice. Yet another goat was saved and the jubilation upon their return was palpable.

From there, the group traveled to an abandoned shrine of Sarenrae. Therein they defeated the Pugwampi king, Mokknock, and cleansed the temple (and by they the humble author might advance that the most slithery of companions did most of the work). They recovered a magic ring….more on that later. Set upon by some manner of alchemical slime, Osrane was temporarily blessed with guidance and sent forth by a compelling mental command to unearth a mighty blessed blade.

With their outpost established they could see Battlemarket. They advanced at night and at dawn, blessed the the Morninglight, they drew first blood against the gnolls who had taken over the fortified city. Nearly beaten back, and after most of the heroes had been brought back from the brink of death by Hagram, they found the silent bard, Felliped. In a showing of will they slew the demon pig the gnolls kept and fled.

Their choice of refuge was hardly the best choice and they were set upon by a cruel shadow creature, cobbled together by evil, magic, and pure insanity.

Since their first salvo, the group has discovered a potentially ally or potential ambush. Dashki, avowed killer of gnolls, was raised by a local tribe and negotiations are ongoing as to their role in the battle of Kelmarane.

Like a Rock....
So many puns

It was a Huecuva session…

The party set off at dawn and reached the abandoned temple of Sarenrea. The priest spotted his fellow cleric first and reached forth to embrace him as one does a fellow servant of the divine. Unfortunately all was not as it seemed and the creature was a perverted version of its former self. That said, it was swiftly dispatched, as it was burned, turned, and smited.

The party proceeded in searching the remainder of the temple, finding a portal beneath it to some uncertain doom or great treasure (fullplate one might hope). After receiving the blessing of the Dawnflower, Hagram seemed to feel lighter and expressed his new found purpose in life.

The group set out to leave the temple when they were ambushed by a patrol, with them a mighty fiend. The mighty wizard and cleric teamed up to unleash plumes of fire upon the gnolls. The demon creature leaped over the party and was beaten viciously by the fiend. Bit by bit, they wore the fiend down as the cleric healed them burst after burst of divine energy. The mighty scimitar, blessed by the gods, evened the battle as the paladin unleashed a mighty swipe from his knees. The group joined the silent bard who watched over the camels from afar and returned to the safety of their base.

The next day they again crossed the river and this is where the stories would certainly diverge. Osrane would hold that they came across some horrid creature, attempted to provoke her into combat and ended up compromising, though not in the especially disturbing way the dwarf attempted and despite the objections he yelled (his ears were covered). The rest believe that the harpy was quite reasonable (if a little nutty) and offered her aid in exchange for finding a basilisk head. Fortunately the party knew where one was and set off after it.

And this is where things got bad for them…

The paladin used his considerable acting skills and drew the creature out…pretending to be a sheep. Rags, the wizard, was frozen in stone nearly immediately as the creature ran past the paladin (who now gave up a completely different sense). Osrane was next and after a few feeble shield bashes also turned to stone. That left he battle to the druid and the cleric. The former summoned creatures from the earth itself, venomous spiders, rats, and stirges. The cleric healed the party, and brought forth the weapon of his deity to defeat the creature. All their powers expended, they reached for their final resource…a ring stolen from the Pugwampi king who has used it to great effect against the intrepid foursome earlier. Wave after wave of force was unleashed, and laid the creature low. Anya quickly butchered it and used the blood to save those turned to stone.

They returned the head to the Harpy and the deal was sealed before they once again returned to their home base.

The Journal of Rags the Humble

Well, tonight Rags the Mighty Fightin' Wizzie once again proved his badassedness, and was rewarded by the Gods for it. 

The night began when an ugly HalfOrc was dragged back to camp by horse.  He was suspected of murdering a caravan, but Rags the Just and Wise proved his innocence, by examining the clawmarks of the victims and comparing them to the filthy claws of the HalfOrc.  In return he was offered a Wayfinder as a reward, but turned it down, not even tempted in the slightest.

Next, Rags the Generous and Benevolent secured the property and goods of the slain merchant, so it could be sent to his family.

Under the leadership of Rags, the group investigated the creatures who killed the merchant caravan. The foul beasts approached in the dead of night, several dozen of them at least, but were driven off by a mighty display of Rags' magical prowess.

The next morning,  trapping the beasts in their lair, under Rags' direction and guidance, the foul creatures were killed by the junior members of the group.

Later, having single-handedly discovered the long lost shrine to the God of Magic, Nethys, of whom Rags is certainly a favored champion, a portal leading to the netheregions was discovered.  Rags the Brave easily descended into the pits of darkness, and defeated all manner of traps, his natural dwarven toughness seeing him through all obstacles.  

While guarding the group during their sleep, Rags the Vigilant mightily cleaved the foul Werecreature who threatened his comrades' slumber.  It fled the scene in terror.  Under Rags tactical guidance, foul beasts and treacherous illusions were bypassed, some minor temple desecration had to be done, and his comrades were led to final victory.

Gear both magic and mundane was divided amongst the group.

Rags received a Broach of Shielding with 16 charges remaining, a Wand of Magic Missiles of 5th level, with 22 charges, and Scrolls of Fireball, Lightning Bolt, and Invisibility.

Hagrim received Scrolls of Freedom of Movement, Neutralize Poison, Dispel Magic, and Silence, as well as a Wand of Cure Light Wounds with 50 charges, and 300 gp.

Osrane received a +1 chainmail shirt.

The Ugly HalfOrc received a +1 Punching Dagger.

Yet to be divided are a Small Bag of Tricks and 8 Potions: Protection from Evil, Bull's Strength, Bear's Endurance, Invisibility, Protection from Energy: Fire, and 3 Cure Moderate wounds. Also, it is yet to be determined what level the scrolls were scribed at. 

It is a truly wondrous shrine, as the main altar room has written on its walls in an everfluctuating script all Wizard spells, to which Rags certainly was guided to due to his raw natural talents in Wizardry.  Certainly Nethys is grooming him for something greater. All he needs now is to sell the magical gear for his share of the money, so that he can afford to scribe the spells into his books.  His massive treasure hoard of 45 GP just won't cut it.

(On a sidenote, you might be wondering where my companions of earlier adventures, the Druid and snake, were for this tale of derring-do.  Well, it is unclear what exactly is going on with the snake, though molting season is suspected.  As for the Druid, she apparently had sex with one too many Treants in her younger years without the proper Protection from Bark spell, and has yet another flare-up of her ever-recurring tree-herpes.)

Also gained from the shrine was a holy symbol of Nethys, which Rags proudly wears, as well as a case of Lycanthropy for the Paladin.

In an effort to cure himself of Lycanthropy, the Paladin ventured once again to the alchemical melting pots of the Harpy.  He protests any real affection for her, he being a goodly paladin and she an evil harpy, but as well all know, the age old story continues, and opposites attract. Methinks he doth protest his love too much.

The Harpy told us where Wolvesbane could be found, and the Paladin, Half-orc, and yours truly (because every group needs a leader) ventured forth.  Under the leadership of Rags the Humble, 2 monstrous bats were destroyed, though barely, for the Paladin expressed his desire to ride one creature as his mount after the combat was over and pulled his punches.  Methinks that during the heat of battle he was confused, and that he was thinking of the Harpy again.

So back to the village Shrine we went, his disease, nay, CURSE, lifted.  

All thats left now is to divide the magic gear listed above, get the caster levels of the scrolls from the DM, and  finish leveling up—-for we are mighty 4th level adventurers at last.




The Cleansing of Kelmarane... almost
A somewhat neutral account of the day's activities

11/20/2009 Legacy of Fire Campaign notes

The harpy told us there are a couple bugbears and ogres in the battle market with the gnolls and their human leader.

Our plan is to have the friendly gnolls attack on the road west of the Battle Market, while we sneak in from the eastern side into the market. We have a key that should open the doors. Only the South door is open now.

We see no sign of trouble or activity near the Market. Waiting 10 minutes we hear some yelling of gnolls, coming from the hill to the west. It goes quiet for a short while, Dakshi and six gnolls are running around the Battle Market to the South door to “rape pillage and kill.”

Our party enters after the allied gnolls and engage four enemy gnolls in the ground floor of the Battle Market. The first four gnolls are dispatched by our gnolls and Dakshi. Then we engage the two ogres and four bugbears, at the center of the first floor.

As we finish them off we see the human leader, with his cool axe, and a gnoll flind up on the third floor threatening us. A smited sling bullet hits the human in the face and he disappears from view. We rush upstairs to engage the flind as soon as possible.

The third level is much nicer in furnishings than the lower levels, but seems completely abandoned. It is entirely silent. We find the room where the two were standing before, with three thrones. None of the thrones turn out to be evil (darn).

The flind and the genie were hiding invisibly near the thrones, and they surprise Kayla and Osrane. Osrane gets shoved off the platform to fall down to the courtyard below by the genie, and the rest of us engage the flind. With a powerful strike the genie slays Easu with his dangerous axe.

Ugruk has two potions, a masterwork breastplate, and a masterwork flind bar.

Kardswann’s axe is claimed by the gnoll leader, who struck the killing blow. Hagrim finds a masterwork breastplate and two potions.

We have Dakshi translate our desire to take Kadrswann’s greataxe. Hargk, the gnoll tribe leader, does not want to give up the axe. We try to heal Osrane and then engage the gnolls as they run off with OUR axe. We take them down, subduing them all. We then tie the survivors to the thrones and leave them the mundane weapons and armor from downstairs.

After some rest and healing we head through the big door to find a room with a curtain blocking the chamber beyond. There is a wooden chest hidden under the bed of the bedroom past the curtain. Opening it reveals gold, gems and some magical items. 4000 gp (and 200 gp from the Ogres before), precious stones (worth about 2000 gp), a scroll, a small black pearl, a sweet smelling candle (Enchantment). Next to the prison cell we find a ring of Protection +1 (Eassu), a cloak of Resistance +1 (Anya), masterwork chainmail, dagger (Filliped), wand ?, amulet of Natural Armor +1 (Osrane), cloak of Spider Climb (+5 stealth checks and Spider Climb 10 min/day).

Potions are all Cure Serious Wounds. Scroll is Raise Dead.

We head to the temple of Nethis to have Hagrim breathe in the fumes to focus his casting and attempt to use the scroll on Eassu’s corpse. Narrowly succeeding, Eassu’s life is restored.

Searching through the battle market we find that most of it has been emptied out, just some personal effects and small amounts of Pesh. Moving on to the Palace (B10), we find the door locked, but we break it down. The building is empty but it is nicely furnished and may have belonged to rich merchants or the Packmasters themselves. It is entirely empty. Hagrim wonders what will open the door under the temple.

The metal door has an aura of Abjuration, but we can’t seem to get it to open. The magic covers the entire area, not just the door itself. None of us can do anything to make the door budge.

We return to the monastery and tell Lady Almah that we’ve secured Kelmarane and the Battle Market. She thanks us profusely and kisses Eassu. When we tell her about the door she reveals that she has the key. Apparently some demon took over Kelmarane several decades ago and seduced the priest and congregation. The Packmaster sent soldiers to cleanse the village and imprisoned the demon in the cellars below the church. Her final task, for us, is to get rid of the demon.

Returning we let the captive gnolls go and give them the mundane weapons and both breastplates. They also loot the heads of the fallen enemies and then leave with Dakshi.

Blessings of the Dawnflower
killing the demon


...once Lady Almah had provided the key we began in earnest in our preparations to vanquish the demon locked below the temple.  Once inside we encountered three fiery servitors of Sarenrae.  We prepared to fight the creatures but then Rags suggested that a follower of Sarenrae intercede on the party's behalf.  Both the paladin and I showed our symbols of faith and the guardians let us pass.  We entered a crypt and carefully looked for evidence of which way to proceed.  My stern admonishments to Rags prevented any grave-robbing.  I can no longer dismiss his avarice as an artifact of his race.  He is clearly plagued by greed which warps his fragile mind.  We must pray for him.

Anya pointed to a loose rock in the back of an alcove, noting a secret door and we continued down a long hallway which ended in a small storage room.  Osrane took a scimitar from the room and the monk Easu took a headband.  We returned to this room later, as it held many marvelous things.  Osrane handed the scimitar and suggested it be wielded by me.  He noted that these were placed here to be used by followers of Sarenrae and in my own greed (is Rags rubbing off on the group?) I quickly accepted his rationalization of taking these things.  I must remember to seek the council of the Dawnflower before such actions in the future.

We turned around and went back to the entrance where a well was located.  This well was the source of the guardians.  We rang the gong as before and as the guardians parted we went down into the well and we continued our exploration of the temple complex.  We found there a long hall of crypts which required me to again stand near Rags lest he begin rooting around a grave as a filthy pig roots around for food.  (I really do pity the poor creature).  Then, several of the corpses became animated.  I have heard of "coffer corpses" which are resilient undead, and these seem to fit that description.  The monk and paladin took up the fight with the two in the front of our band while Anya swiftly dispatched the one in the rear with a flaming sphere.  I said prayers to Sarenrae to put these souls to rest and they were indeed vanquished.  I should note that although they seemed to be killed they stood back up to die once more before truly destroyed.  Clearly they are the product of being in proximity to great evil.  We knew we must be close to the demon.

The demon was in a large, columned room and at first tried unsuccessfully to deceive us by appearing as a little girl.  The paladin, guided by the rays of Sarenrae charged into battle.  The girl transformed into a hideous, large and demonic insect with scintillating wings that buzzed in an unearthly cacophony.  The light from the wings distracted us, while the noise rattled our brains.  Two of our party with the least willpower was most severely affected.  Those two were of course Kalya, Anya's rather large snake (what is she feeding that thing?) and of course Rags.  As Osrane exchanged blows with the demon, the monk positioned himself at the demon's side and attacked it as well.  Anya with quick mind cast Faerie Fire on the demon which helped reduce the glare of its demon wings.  Alas, she was attacked by the befuddled Rags and seriously wounded by his magic missiles.  She decided to order the snake to constrict Rags, for his own good of course, but unfortunately the snake only had momentary control of her wits and after engaging with Rags, both were thrown into a demon inspired battle lust.  Anya moved to a better position to attack the creature with a summoned dire rat which destroyed by the demon.  

The demon flew into the air causing great problems with combat logistics.  During this time it meted out serious wounds to the paladin and monk and all I could do is use Sarenrae's healing magics to keep them alive.  Finally Osrane struck from below and demon ichor spilled from its fleshy under-carapace.  The demon was killed and the combat was over.  Snake and dwarf minds returned to their natural state. 

Upon the demon were magical rings.  We returned to the store room to take the other items (two manuals to improve physical traits and a phylactery).  We delivered the news to Lady Almah who then asked us to kill or evict the harpy.  We negotiated with the harpy, offering her some demon parts along with an elemental gem and the ring of the ram.  

We set off to Katapesh, only to be assaulted by heat and sun and Osrane and I were blinded by Sarenrae's disfavor.  The familiar presence of Sarenrae was gone.  My soul was as a boat aimlessly adrift in an ocean.  We returned to the temple and after much work in the catacombs I meditated upon the phylactery and it became clear that those items taken from the storeroom.  Easu prayed to the Dawnflower as well, my many hours of evangelizing finally crystallizing in a conversion.  He has a long arduous road ahead of him but his journey is at last headed in the right direction.  Once returned our sight and connection to the Dawnflower was returned.  Alas the major blessing I received from her while praying at her statue was taken from me and my mind was less clear than it had been before.  

We ventured to Katapesh once again and Anya quickly disappeared in the throngs of people.  After arranging with the temple to further heal Easu, we hit the markets to sell our treasure and to buy equipment.  

The sweltering noonday heat, throngs of people, sounds of civilization and familiar scents of cooking Kelishite flatbread is comforting me.  It is good to be home again.

A Year Passes ... to the House of the Beast
Resettling Kelmarane and wondering who we killed

Anya does a little shopping in town.

Osrane does some research at the library of Seranrae, and finds out that Kardswann is a templar of the five winds, opposed to Rovagug. One of the Nefeshti, the genie princes, not exactly part of the church of Seranrae.

In the monastery’s frescoes we see Vardishal, one of the five templars, is killed but comes back to guide the high priests of Seranrae.

Hagrim thinks that Vardishal was posing as an aid to the priests but was actually corrupting them from within. The sword that Osrane holds was the artifact of Vardishal, and may be a source of corruption.

The harpy had told us that Kardswann had gone into the crypt (where the evil beetle demon Xulthos was imprisoned) and came out changed. We could tell that area and the thing was evil when we fought it.

The genie could have entered and then left by turning Ethereal after being convinced, corrupted or manipulated by Xulthos.

We head back to Kelmarane, with settlers, a holy warrior, low level initiates and Almah’s entourage in tow with our caravan. A year of reconstruction goes by, with Rags doing a lot of scribing. The priest of Nethis who works with Almah settles in the shrine south of Kelmarane. Over the course of the year more and more settlers come to Kelmarane, increasing the permanent population. Osrane and Almah are wed, with rites performed by Hagrim.

A few days later Osrane receives a messenger who seeks help from us. We all meet with the messenger, a tall human man with prominent face tattoo of a flaming sun on his forehead. Zayifid claims to be a simple traveler and wanderer of the sands. He tells us that the Carrion King has heard of our victory over the Kuldis tribe. Many gnoll tribes are uniting under the Carrion King’s banner, a surprising feat. Removing the Carrion King could avert a large war between humans and gnolls. We can find the King in the House of the Beast, on the far side of Pale Mountain, from which he has long ruled.

Some of the frescoes in the monastery depicted Pale Mountain in the background behind an efreeti and a djinni fighting.

After a day of travel into the mountains we reach White Canyon, a good place for us to camp for the night. The second day we sight two large sphinx circling above us. Rags thinks they are hierarchosphinx, rumored to be evil. They land about 50 feet ahead of us in the canyon. We agree to answer a riddle to try and avoid paying a fee for passage.

“If you have it you want to share it. If you share it you don’t have it.”

“What can you put in a barrel to make it lighter.”

“I have rivers without waters, forests without trees, mountains without rocks, towns without houses. What am i?”

The sphinxes are so enraged by our correct answers that they start attacking. Both charge in to attack Osrane. After Kayla kills them both we continue for a few more hours and encounter a party of four on horseback coming towards us on the canyon path. They seem evasive, and Osrane considers them evil. The group wants to keep going, having claimed to have been on a hunting expedition in the mountains and now returning to Katapesh. Hagrim offers to heal the wounded in exchange for the truth, but they refuse.

Two griffons approach from behind the party we are talking with in the canyon. Two of the party of four are killed by the griffons. We stop one as he tries to ride past us. One of the four (the halfling) gets away, and we subdue the two griffons after they attack Hagrim based on Hagrim’s fireball. Then debate ensues as to what we do with the griffons and whether we can communicate with them. Reviving one of the fleeing humans reveals that they came into the mountains to hunt for griffon eggs and they had one. We heal him and let him go with his horse in exchange for the egg that they claimed.

The griffons, it turns out, can understand Common. We give them back the egg and heal them, then they leave happy. They have not been otherwise disturbed except by these hunters. We travel for one more hour and then rest in the canyon.

Anya then guides the party to the plateau that holds the House of the Beast. We climb up the side of a mountain along a path to find ruins surrounded by a large wall (250’ x 400’). We are approaching from the West, and direclty in front of us is the gatehouse©, to the North a building has two minarets (A), and there are other taller minarets inside the complex. Long ago there was a temple near Pale Mountain devoted to Rovagug, and the Carrion King resides there.

We walk around North, and see through to the main structure (G) because some of the walls are broken. Building A seems to be some sort of temple building, mostly collapsed. The stairway down to the cellar is blocked by rubble. Anya thinks this area has been abandoned for decades, maybe hundreds of years.

Continuing on to B, we see that the large dome on top is askew and seems unstable. On the outside a stairway goes up to the top of the dome. Inside is mostly rubble, the roof somewhat caved in and the stairway down blocked by collapsed stonework. The stairs inside going up to the dome have also collapsed. There are two stone gargoyles built on the stone platform at the top of the dome.

Three big minarets are near the center of the courtyard (D). They are 120’ high and in good shape. At 50’ and 100’ up we see windows on the side. The westernmost minaret’s windows are covered with spiderwebs.

The central building (G) has a large dome decorated with formerly colorful tiles and is surrounded by three empty pools that once held water. On the south is a large iron entrance gate. The western side has ascending stairs to an atrium with pillars supporting the roof. As we step on the second stair a trap is triggered, allowing poisoned spikes to pierce the feet of those climbing. We see ten gnolls and two large hyena-like creatures waiting in the wings, and after a couple rounds two more large hyenas with gnoll archers riding show up from the southern flank.

Kalya advances to engage the large hyena mounts, who manage to kill her with their fiersome bites. A fireball kills most of the gnolls on one side, while the other side stays stuck in Rags’ web. The two hyena mounts that appeared on the ground get stuck by Anya’s entangle. Osrane and Easu take down the hyena upstairs with Anya’s help, and Rags gets jumped by the two as they escape the Entangle. We finally vanquish the gnolls, take four masterwork scimitars and masterwork longbows, and then we flee to rest and pray for 24 hours.

The Fall of the House of Beast
Oh no, more gnolls. Even more gnolls. Smelly ones.

Pathfinder Dec 12 notes

We retreated after our last fight and gave Anya time to rest and acquire a new animal companion. She returns after a day secluded in the wilderness with a new snake, similarly friendly.

Upon our return to the House of the Beast Rags detects a magical anomaly on the steps of the main building. Hagrim notices a Desecrate active, covering many of the bodies of the gnolls we killed before. Osrane notes that some of the dead bodies are evil, so we turn them and they start to move. There are also living gnolls hiding in the corners up the stairs. A web immobilizes most of them, and spell damage takes care of a group of them.

The gnoll leader summons rust monsters, more Hyenadons appear from inside the building, and allied animals begin to appear and fight the gnolls. Anya vanishes to be replaced by a leopard, and Dima (the new snake) takes down a handful of zombies and some gnolls.

When we manage to kill or subdue them we find a Holy Symbol of Rovagug, 2 Mwk Longbows, 2 Mwk Scimitars, a Battle Axe +1 [to sell], a Ring of Force Shield [to Rags for now], a Pearl of Power (2nd) [to Anya for now], and a Scroll of Grease.

When we interrogate a gnoll, he tells us that we have already killed most of the gnolls. The Carrion King, who is inside and leading this group, does have a beast that is a gigantic centipede Aspect of Rovagug but does not have many other allies. The other gnoll tribes follow the Carrion King’s banner, and there around about 12 left alive here. The ground floor has a big central room with a giant scorpion that they harvest poison from for the traips.

We head down one level and first enter the large room where the Hyenadons slept, but all six have been killed. One area for the south has been collapsed. There are stairs down and another set of spiral stairs down in the next passageway. We find the pool to Rovagug, decorated around with bas relief images of obese humans seated. Next to it is a storage area with old and gross clothes and weapons.

Across the main hallway is some rotten food storage and gnoll sleeping quarters. We find a third stairway going down.

The column in the hallway is decorated with images of vermin crawling floor to ceiling. Further down the hall is a heavy door that has been boarded up. Anya thinks there may be noise coming from behind it. We make the remains of the Rovagug holy symbol Silenced, then tear off the boards and bars of the door. Past a barricade down the hallway are creatures hiding behind cover. We sight six troglodytes watching us, and a set of doors closed behind them.

Osrane tries to parley, but they reply in Draconic. Shortly after a bigger, meaner troglodyte steps through the door named Grundmoch. He can speak Common, and asks what we want. Since he carries a symbol of Rovagug, Osrane challenges him to a personal duel to settle the fate of the followers. Grundmoch casts a number of divine spells on himself, and as he approaches Osrane realizes that his stench is horrible. After a few minutes of fighting Osrane is able to behead Grundmoch. We take from him a +1 Great Axe and a +1 Breastplate.

We debate how best to proceed. We make Easu invisible and have him explore. The side staircase leads down to a maze decorated with glyphs on the walls. He goes down the central hallway staircase and gets to a hallway. Doors and a quiet hallway are below. Easu comes up again and goes down the large stairs in the Hyenadon room. He sees two gnolls down there in a large room, guarding the next hallway. There is a series of columns 60 ft from him. Behind the columns is a hallway with many dead bodies, nauseating Easu, and beyond is a throne made of bodies stitched together. A very large gnoll is on the throne, eating some body part (a heart perhaps) messily.

When we head upstairs to go back out and deal with the bodies to prevent more undead there is a gnoll standing there. Rokova is not evil, and is interested in removing the Carrion King. He has a magic ring and seems to have an aura of magic around him. Rags thinks he might be obscured. This gnoll has no magic and relies on his intellect to protect him. He is an advisor to the Carrion King and seeks to take over the tribe. He’ll guarantee protection to Kelmarane and the behavior of his tribe.

We are suspicious but interested in his proposed deal. He betrays no goals or motives beyond leadership. We want to make sure that the gnolls do not turn to Rovagug and do not invade Kelmarane or attack Ketapesh. Hagrim asks him to guarantee these terms with his life. Hagrim suspects this ‘gnoll’ might be a templar of the five winds. Osrane thinks the gnoll feels somehow familiar. Rokova is interested in our exploits, and knows about the templars and Kardwann. His form shifts to a human with firey red hair, with a scimitar across his back, chain shirt and a Knowledge (Planes) check. Rags sees that he is a Janni (composed of all the elements), native to the Prime Material Plane.

This is actually Sayafid, and he seeks an artifact buried under the temple in a crypt. He thinks that Vardishal has been killed in battle. The thing he wants is some sort of key. If we get him the object then he will tell us why he wants it and what it is for. He says that down in the lower level are just some gnolls and the Carrion King. He will convince the King to not send out more patrols due to the losses he’s suffered.

Before we go downstairs we cast a bunch of buffs and then walk down to the lowest level. Two gnoll priests are waiting for us at the bottom, and they back up as we get down. Osrane says: “I have come for my third holy symbol” as he tosses the broken symbol at the King. The king tromps through the pit of filth and comes at Osrane with his axe after dropping the heart he is eating.

After we engage the King his pet comes out of the pit of filth: a gargantuan centipede. The gnoll priests are still stuck in the web and we all move to engage the King and his pet. No sign of our supposed ‘friend’ all the while.

Osrane falls a few times, some summoned animals get killed as the centipede’s scales shred them, and finally the King and his pet are slain, the final blow coming from a prone Osrane. As usual.

House of the Beast, post King
Stones, Spirits, Shapeshifters

Legacy of Fire 1/18/2009

Current things we want to sell, going in: Battle Axe +1,

Gartok loot, from end of last session: - Magical greataxe, +1 human bane SELL - Magical breastplate +1 SELL - Magical belt of health +2 OSRANE - Magical Ring of Protection +1 ANYA

We climb down a passage below the gory thrown of Gartok, Carrion King.

At the bottom of the passage there is a fully lit and lush room with a pond and comfortable stone benches.

Three almond trees, full of tempting fruit, acting like goodberries. The water is clear and clean and tasty.

One side chamber has a smooth stone disk set in the floor, which teleports us to a stone cavern when we stand on the disk. The cavern has stone pillars engraved with Ignan binding runes. Hagrim realizes there are djinn imprisoned by efreet in the columns, and some of their spirits are moaning at us.

A couple of the half-undead djinn start attacking us, but we dispatch the incorporeal things quickly. After exploring to see how big the cavern might be, we exit via the one passageway and find a chamber filled with sand on the floor.

A sand kraken in the middle seems to be made of stone, but it turns to flesh and attacks us. Anya almost dies as it grabs her from across the room during her spell, but she is saved by Easu and Hagrim.

Past the sand chamber with the kraken we find a room with many varied symbols to Rovagug and a single sarcophagus. Hagrim removes the religion from the room with Osrane’s help, and then we open up the Sarcophagus. Inside is a gnoll skeleton, probably female, long decomposed. She is holding a great axe, mithril chain mail, two rings, a pouch, a periapt. - Great Axe [evil] => Destroy? - Mithril Chain Mail +3 => Hagrim, later Rags - Ring of minor energy resistance (fire) => Osrane - Ring protection +2 => Hagrim - 2 Doses of Dust of Resurrection => Party - Periapt of Wisdom +4 => Anya - Scroll Tube: scroll with glassy side that has a rune on it => Osrane

We rest there for the night and then go upstairs and we are confronted by Madfang (human with cleaver) and four big brutish feral gnolls. As we refuse to give them the key, the gnoll ego of Sayifed shows up out of nowhere and starts attacking us. We take out the gnolls and human but the outsider uses plane shift to escape.

We explore more and find the Carrion King’s weapon collection, including a +1 Vicious Whip. Madfang’s private quarters contain 3 potions, and the King’s living room has 3500 gold and precious stones (3000 gp) in a chest.

On our way back to Kelmarane we are attacked at night by two Manticores, but the Griffons we helped earlier chase them off. Osrane talks with a young Griffon who may be amenable to cooperating in the future, setting the stage for a flying mount.

Edit: We also were attack by the huge earth elemental.

Back at the Ranch
Investigation & Suspicion

Before a big dinner with Lady Almah to welcome us home, we take a closer look at the strange scroll we found. It’s no map or spell, but it looks like a rune of Power from the wizards of Nex, who had been famous for their feats of magic. This rune is of the wizard-king Nex, for whom the country was named. It came from the early years of his rule, when he had achieved great power but before the war with Geb which ruined the land. Runes like this could hide the contents of a page, concealing a hidden message, but certain spells could pierce the runes or certain conditions would let you see the hidden contents. The rune symbolizes a mysterious land called Kakishon.

Kakishon was said to have been created or conquered by Nex, used as a secret hideout for private research and vacation. Rune transforms into a map to Kakishon that shows how to reach it. Legend holds that a weapon of great power, the Fire Bleeder, is hidden in Kakishon along with other magical treasure. The Fire Bleeder is some sort of fiery falchion or a spell that allows control over the element of fire.

This rune is one of the early works of Nex after he surpassed mortal powers. It is not only a map to Kakishon but also a doorway to Kakishon directly, if you know the secret words and rituals to open it. This scroll is the only way to enter or leave the mystical realm and Nex used Kakishon as a place to entertain guests but also as a prison and a lab. Kakishon would have items and creatures beyond those of the normal realm.

Rags looks at the scroll in the mirror, and sees some sort of map, like the rune is clarified. Each form is an island. It includes Serpent Island, Rakshana (with a volcano), Reshindra (near isles of night), Farahani, Pleasure Palace of Nex in the middle, the Golden Bowl, Isle of the Dead, Black Spire (possible prison), Fire Forge. Comprehend Languages reveals the full map for all of us.

We think back to the bas relief carvings from the Monastery when we first arrived. The Templars of the Five Winds work for a djinni princess Nefeshti, and in one of the carving there is an epic battle between big efreet and djinn (possibly the princess). The last panel has one figure standing vigil over Pale Mountain (Vardishal) while the other four go off to the heavens. Vardishal is later killed by a half-man half-flame figure spearing him to the ground. Vardishal finally appears dead on the ground and ghostly standing by the body.

We’ll seek out libraries, research, divination for the other two unidentified figures. One of Lady Almah’s old family friends (Rayhan) lives in Katapesh and is a wizard who specializes in planar stuff.

After a couple days of scribing we then head to Katapesh by camel to sell some loot and find out more about the runescrollmap and the djinni. Lady Almah gives us letters of introduction and also some money as shares of the profits from Kelmarane and its commerce.

Our first night camping in the desert we are attacked by two Ettins, bribed and enhanced by Sayifed the djinn. We kill him and then Speak With Dead to find out about Kakishon, but we get unreliable and incomplete information. The body lies when claiming to seek to pillage the riches of Kakishon, he tells us to pour dragon’s blood over the rune to activate it, and doesn’t know where the last two djinn are.

At Katapesh we help by healing some injured in the temples of Saranrae, and offer them the Lifestealer to cleanse. We do some research in town and a bunch of crafting, then go to consult with Rayhan. Rayhan wants to do his research in private, but we insist that Osrane go with, while Easu and Anya patrol the roof, Rags the second floor and Hagrim the ground floor.

Rayhan’s research turns up: the last person to own this scroll was Nefeshti’s lover Andrathi. The templars fought Jhavhul (efreet) but the scroll was lost in their victory. Jhavhul was imprisoned in Kakishon and the scroll was lost. Rayhan has some of Andrathi’s writings in his library, and may be able to recreate the opening to Kakishon. If we do manage to open the portal, he wants to accompany us in to Kakishon to see it.

We get a scroll of Commune and cast to ask: 1. Is Jhavhul bound to Kakishon in any way beyond being stuck on the plane? NO 2. Are either of the two remaining templars alive/sentient/present or undead? NO 3. Is it possible to free Vardishal and does he want to be freed? NO 4. Is Hareen alive? Don’t know 5. Is Rayhan human? YES 6. Is he evil? Don’t know 7. Is Jhavhul still in Kakishon? YES 8. Is Vardishal in this scimitar? NO 9. Is Vardishal talking to Osrane? YES

There were also rumors of a creature attacking one of the merchants in the stalls and tearing the person to pieces.

On the way back from consulting with a Pathfinder contact, Easu meets a strange dwarf in an alleyway. The dwarf produces the dagger found at the temple of Nethys. As Easu recognizes the dagger the dwarf starts to froth and change shape. They fight a bit and Easu runs away. We then all go back to track him down and he has taken refuge in a house where he killed the five inhabitants. After subduing him the guard arrive and we talk them into letting us remove his curse before he’s tried.

Sir Osrane defends the dwarf in court before the judge, convincing him that the dwarf should help Kelmarane instead of being jailed for murders.


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