Hagrim Bin Divar

Devoted and Enlightened Cleric of Sarenrae


Hagrim Bin Divar was the son of Divar and Miyeena.  Miyeena died in childbirth and Hagrim was raised by his father, a very poor farmer.  He grew up in a pesh growing region but his father refused to grow pesh and instead was a subsistence level farmer.  One day Divar took his son to Katapesh city (unknown to Hagrim, Divar had found some old objects in the soil of his small plot of land (which Hagrim now owns) and was in the market to sell them.  One object Divar gave to Hagrim was a small  leather-corded necklace with a holy symbol charm of Sarenrae). 

While in one of the bazaars Divar saw a man apparently with an out-of-control horse riding toward a priest of Sarenrae.  In the last second, Divar pushed the man to safety but was trampled by the horse.  The man fell from the horse and landed on Hagrim and broke Hagrim's arm.  The priest took Hagrim to the temple and looked after his wound.  It did not heal and finally they brought a priest in to heal the boy.  When the priest layed hands on Hagrim to heal him there was a sudden burst of blinding white light that filled the infirmary.  the light radiated from Hagrim's neck, where the holy symbol was.  Now it was gone and only a "birthmark" of the holy symbol remained.  All others within the hospital were healed in that light.

Thus, Hagrim's career path as cleric of Sarenrae was set.  This was clearly a sign from the "Dawnflower" and he was taken in by the temple and trained in the ways of Sarenrae.

(He does not know that the temple still has those object that Divar was trying to sell that fateful morning.  Perhaps they will be returned to him at some point).


Hagrim Bin Divar

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