Legacy of Fire Adventure Path

The Journal of Rags the Humble

Well, tonight Rags the Mighty Fightin' Wizzie once again proved his badassedness, and was rewarded by the Gods for it. 

The night began when an ugly HalfOrc was dragged back to camp by horse.  He was suspected of murdering a caravan, but Rags the Just and Wise proved his innocence, by examining the clawmarks of the victims and comparing them to the filthy claws of the HalfOrc.  In return he was offered a Wayfinder as a reward, but turned it down, not even tempted in the slightest.

Next, Rags the Generous and Benevolent secured the property and goods of the slain merchant, so it could be sent to his family.

Under the leadership of Rags, the group investigated the creatures who killed the merchant caravan. The foul beasts approached in the dead of night, several dozen of them at least, but were driven off by a mighty display of Rags' magical prowess.

The next morning,  trapping the beasts in their lair, under Rags' direction and guidance, the foul creatures were killed by the junior members of the group.

Later, having single-handedly discovered the long lost shrine to the God of Magic, Nethys, of whom Rags is certainly a favored champion, a portal leading to the netheregions was discovered.  Rags the Brave easily descended into the pits of darkness, and defeated all manner of traps, his natural dwarven toughness seeing him through all obstacles.  

While guarding the group during their sleep, Rags the Vigilant mightily cleaved the foul Werecreature who threatened his comrades' slumber.  It fled the scene in terror.  Under Rags tactical guidance, foul beasts and treacherous illusions were bypassed, some minor temple desecration had to be done, and his comrades were led to final victory.

Gear both magic and mundane was divided amongst the group.

Rags received a Broach of Shielding with 16 charges remaining, a Wand of Magic Missiles of 5th level, with 22 charges, and Scrolls of Fireball, Lightning Bolt, and Invisibility.

Hagrim received Scrolls of Freedom of Movement, Neutralize Poison, Dispel Magic, and Silence, as well as a Wand of Cure Light Wounds with 50 charges, and 300 gp.

Osrane received a +1 chainmail shirt.

The Ugly HalfOrc received a +1 Punching Dagger.

Yet to be divided are a Small Bag of Tricks and 8 Potions: Protection from Evil, Bull's Strength, Bear's Endurance, Invisibility, Protection from Energy: Fire, and 3 Cure Moderate wounds. Also, it is yet to be determined what level the scrolls were scribed at. 

It is a truly wondrous shrine, as the main altar room has written on its walls in an everfluctuating script all Wizard spells, to which Rags certainly was guided to due to his raw natural talents in Wizardry.  Certainly Nethys is grooming him for something greater. All he needs now is to sell the magical gear for his share of the money, so that he can afford to scribe the spells into his books.  His massive treasure hoard of 45 GP just won't cut it.

(On a sidenote, you might be wondering where my companions of earlier adventures, the Druid and snake, were for this tale of derring-do.  Well, it is unclear what exactly is going on with the snake, though molting season is suspected.  As for the Druid, she apparently had sex with one too many Treants in her younger years without the proper Protection from Bark spell, and has yet another flare-up of her ever-recurring tree-herpes.)

Also gained from the shrine was a holy symbol of Nethys, which Rags proudly wears, as well as a case of Lycanthropy for the Paladin.

In an effort to cure himself of Lycanthropy, the Paladin ventured once again to the alchemical melting pots of the Harpy.  He protests any real affection for her, he being a goodly paladin and she an evil harpy, but as well all know, the age old story continues, and opposites attract. Methinks he doth protest his love too much.

The Harpy told us where Wolvesbane could be found, and the Paladin, Half-orc, and yours truly (because every group needs a leader) ventured forth.  Under the leadership of Rags the Humble, 2 monstrous bats were destroyed, though barely, for the Paladin expressed his desire to ride one creature as his mount after the combat was over and pulled his punches.  Methinks that during the heat of battle he was confused, and that he was thinking of the Harpy again.

So back to the village Shrine we went, his disease, nay, CURSE, lifted.  

All thats left now is to divide the magic gear listed above, get the caster levels of the scrolls from the DM, and  finish leveling up—-for we are mighty 4th level adventurers at last.






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