Legacy of Fire Adventure Path

The Fall of the House of Beast

Oh no, more gnolls. Even more gnolls. Smelly ones.

Pathfinder Dec 12 notes

We retreated after our last fight and gave Anya time to rest and acquire a new animal companion. She returns after a day secluded in the wilderness with a new snake, similarly friendly.

Upon our return to the House of the Beast Rags detects a magical anomaly on the steps of the main building. Hagrim notices a Desecrate active, covering many of the bodies of the gnolls we killed before. Osrane notes that some of the dead bodies are evil, so we turn them and they start to move. There are also living gnolls hiding in the corners up the stairs. A web immobilizes most of them, and spell damage takes care of a group of them.

The gnoll leader summons rust monsters, more Hyenadons appear from inside the building, and allied animals begin to appear and fight the gnolls. Anya vanishes to be replaced by a leopard, and Dima (the new snake) takes down a handful of zombies and some gnolls.

When we manage to kill or subdue them we find a Holy Symbol of Rovagug, 2 Mwk Longbows, 2 Mwk Scimitars, a Battle Axe +1 [to sell], a Ring of Force Shield [to Rags for now], a Pearl of Power (2nd) [to Anya for now], and a Scroll of Grease.

When we interrogate a gnoll, he tells us that we have already killed most of the gnolls. The Carrion King, who is inside and leading this group, does have a beast that is a gigantic centipede Aspect of Rovagug but does not have many other allies. The other gnoll tribes follow the Carrion King’s banner, and there around about 12 left alive here. The ground floor has a big central room with a giant scorpion that they harvest poison from for the traips.

We head down one level and first enter the large room where the Hyenadons slept, but all six have been killed. One area for the south has been collapsed. There are stairs down and another set of spiral stairs down in the next passageway. We find the pool to Rovagug, decorated around with bas relief images of obese humans seated. Next to it is a storage area with old and gross clothes and weapons.

Across the main hallway is some rotten food storage and gnoll sleeping quarters. We find a third stairway going down.

The column in the hallway is decorated with images of vermin crawling floor to ceiling. Further down the hall is a heavy door that has been boarded up. Anya thinks there may be noise coming from behind it. We make the remains of the Rovagug holy symbol Silenced, then tear off the boards and bars of the door. Past a barricade down the hallway are creatures hiding behind cover. We sight six troglodytes watching us, and a set of doors closed behind them.

Osrane tries to parley, but they reply in Draconic. Shortly after a bigger, meaner troglodyte steps through the door named Grundmoch. He can speak Common, and asks what we want. Since he carries a symbol of Rovagug, Osrane challenges him to a personal duel to settle the fate of the followers. Grundmoch casts a number of divine spells on himself, and as he approaches Osrane realizes that his stench is horrible. After a few minutes of fighting Osrane is able to behead Grundmoch. We take from him a +1 Great Axe and a +1 Breastplate.

We debate how best to proceed. We make Easu invisible and have him explore. The side staircase leads down to a maze decorated with glyphs on the walls. He goes down the central hallway staircase and gets to a hallway. Doors and a quiet hallway are below. Easu comes up again and goes down the large stairs in the Hyenadon room. He sees two gnolls down there in a large room, guarding the next hallway. There is a series of columns 60 ft from him. Behind the columns is a hallway with many dead bodies, nauseating Easu, and beyond is a throne made of bodies stitched together. A very large gnoll is on the throne, eating some body part (a heart perhaps) messily.

When we head upstairs to go back out and deal with the bodies to prevent more undead there is a gnoll standing there. Rokova is not evil, and is interested in removing the Carrion King. He has a magic ring and seems to have an aura of magic around him. Rags thinks he might be obscured. This gnoll has no magic and relies on his intellect to protect him. He is an advisor to the Carrion King and seeks to take over the tribe. He’ll guarantee protection to Kelmarane and the behavior of his tribe.

We are suspicious but interested in his proposed deal. He betrays no goals or motives beyond leadership. We want to make sure that the gnolls do not turn to Rovagug and do not invade Kelmarane or attack Ketapesh. Hagrim asks him to guarantee these terms with his life. Hagrim suspects this ‘gnoll’ might be a templar of the five winds. Osrane thinks the gnoll feels somehow familiar. Rokova is interested in our exploits, and knows about the templars and Kardwann. His form shifts to a human with firey red hair, with a scimitar across his back, chain shirt and a Knowledge (Planes) check. Rags sees that he is a Janni (composed of all the elements), native to the Prime Material Plane.

This is actually Sayafid, and he seeks an artifact buried under the temple in a crypt. He thinks that Vardishal has been killed in battle. The thing he wants is some sort of key. If we get him the object then he will tell us why he wants it and what it is for. He says that down in the lower level are just some gnolls and the Carrion King. He will convince the King to not send out more patrols due to the losses he’s suffered.

Before we go downstairs we cast a bunch of buffs and then walk down to the lowest level. Two gnoll priests are waiting for us at the bottom, and they back up as we get down. Osrane says: “I have come for my third holy symbol” as he tosses the broken symbol at the King. The king tromps through the pit of filth and comes at Osrane with his axe after dropping the heart he is eating.

After we engage the King his pet comes out of the pit of filth: a gargantuan centipede. The gnoll priests are still stuck in the web and we all move to engage the King and his pet. No sign of our supposed ‘friend’ all the while.

Osrane falls a few times, some summoned animals get killed as the centipede’s scales shred them, and finally the King and his pet are slain, the final blow coming from a prone Osrane. As usual.



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