Legacy of Fire Adventure Path

The events so far...

The intrepid adventuring party, yet to be named, were drawn together by a wealthy patron who wished to return the Battle Market of Kelmarane to its former glory. Persuaded by patriotism, the spirit of adventure, piety, and cold hard, cash (and perhaps a spellbook here or there) the party set off to meet their shadowy patron.

Upon their arrival the foreign flavor/harrower went up in a flaming wagon. The party set to work, saving goats and managed to destroyed any part of the wagon not burned by fire with a deluge of water.

Using their limited skills of investigation, the party narrowed the possible guilty parties down to two major players. One group focused on pugwampi, small, magical, ankle-biting creatures of horrible luck. The other focused on Dashki. Over time the group focused on the latter and the mighty fighter, Rags, was nearly laid low bringing the creature to justice. Yet another goat was saved and the jubilation upon their return was palpable.

From there, the group traveled to an abandoned shrine of Sarenrae. Therein they defeated the Pugwampi king, Mokknock, and cleansed the temple (and by they the humble author might advance that the most slithery of companions did most of the work). They recovered a magic ring….more on that later. Set upon by some manner of alchemical slime, Osrane was temporarily blessed with guidance and sent forth by a compelling mental command to unearth a mighty blessed blade.

With their outpost established they could see Battlemarket. They advanced at night and at dawn, blessed the the Morninglight, they drew first blood against the gnolls who had taken over the fortified city. Nearly beaten back, and after most of the heroes had been brought back from the brink of death by Hagram, they found the silent bard, Felliped. In a showing of will they slew the demon pig the gnolls kept and fled.

Their choice of refuge was hardly the best choice and they were set upon by a cruel shadow creature, cobbled together by evil, magic, and pure insanity.

Since their first salvo, the group has discovered a potentially ally or potential ambush. Dashki, avowed killer of gnolls, was raised by a local tribe and negotiations are ongoing as to their role in the battle of Kelmarane.



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