Legacy of Fire Adventure Path

The Cleansing of Kelmarane... almost

A somewhat neutral account of the day's activities

11/20/2009 Legacy of Fire Campaign notes

The harpy told us there are a couple bugbears and ogres in the battle market with the gnolls and their human leader.

Our plan is to have the friendly gnolls attack on the road west of the Battle Market, while we sneak in from the eastern side into the market. We have a key that should open the doors. Only the South door is open now.

We see no sign of trouble or activity near the Market. Waiting 10 minutes we hear some yelling of gnolls, coming from the hill to the west. It goes quiet for a short while, Dakshi and six gnolls are running around the Battle Market to the South door to “rape pillage and kill.”

Our party enters after the allied gnolls and engage four enemy gnolls in the ground floor of the Battle Market. The first four gnolls are dispatched by our gnolls and Dakshi. Then we engage the two ogres and four bugbears, at the center of the first floor.

As we finish them off we see the human leader, with his cool axe, and a gnoll flind up on the third floor threatening us. A smited sling bullet hits the human in the face and he disappears from view. We rush upstairs to engage the flind as soon as possible.

The third level is much nicer in furnishings than the lower levels, but seems completely abandoned. It is entirely silent. We find the room where the two were standing before, with three thrones. None of the thrones turn out to be evil (darn).

The flind and the genie were hiding invisibly near the thrones, and they surprise Kayla and Osrane. Osrane gets shoved off the platform to fall down to the courtyard below by the genie, and the rest of us engage the flind. With a powerful strike the genie slays Easu with his dangerous axe.

Ugruk has two potions, a masterwork breastplate, and a masterwork flind bar.

Kardswann’s axe is claimed by the gnoll leader, who struck the killing blow. Hagrim finds a masterwork breastplate and two potions.

We have Dakshi translate our desire to take Kadrswann’s greataxe. Hargk, the gnoll tribe leader, does not want to give up the axe. We try to heal Osrane and then engage the gnolls as they run off with OUR axe. We take them down, subduing them all. We then tie the survivors to the thrones and leave them the mundane weapons and armor from downstairs.

After some rest and healing we head through the big door to find a room with a curtain blocking the chamber beyond. There is a wooden chest hidden under the bed of the bedroom past the curtain. Opening it reveals gold, gems and some magical items. 4000 gp (and 200 gp from the Ogres before), precious stones (worth about 2000 gp), a scroll, a small black pearl, a sweet smelling candle (Enchantment). Next to the prison cell we find a ring of Protection +1 (Eassu), a cloak of Resistance +1 (Anya), masterwork chainmail, dagger (Filliped), wand ?, amulet of Natural Armor +1 (Osrane), cloak of Spider Climb (+5 stealth checks and Spider Climb 10 min/day).

Potions are all Cure Serious Wounds. Scroll is Raise Dead.

We head to the temple of Nethis to have Hagrim breathe in the fumes to focus his casting and attempt to use the scroll on Eassu’s corpse. Narrowly succeeding, Eassu’s life is restored.

Searching through the battle market we find that most of it has been emptied out, just some personal effects and small amounts of Pesh. Moving on to the Palace (B10), we find the door locked, but we break it down. The building is empty but it is nicely furnished and may have belonged to rich merchants or the Packmasters themselves. It is entirely empty. Hagrim wonders what will open the door under the temple.

The metal door has an aura of Abjuration, but we can’t seem to get it to open. The magic covers the entire area, not just the door itself. None of us can do anything to make the door budge.

We return to the monastery and tell Lady Almah that we’ve secured Kelmarane and the Battle Market. She thanks us profusely and kisses Eassu. When we tell her about the door she reveals that she has the key. Apparently some demon took over Kelmarane several decades ago and seduced the priest and congregation. The Packmaster sent soldiers to cleanse the village and imprisoned the demon in the cellars below the church. Her final task, for us, is to get rid of the demon.

Returning we let the captive gnolls go and give them the mundane weapons and both breastplates. They also loot the heads of the fallen enemies and then leave with Dakshi.



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