Legacy of Fire Adventure Path

House of the Beast, post King

Stones, Spirits, Shapeshifters

Legacy of Fire 1/18/2009

Current things we want to sell, going in: Battle Axe +1,

Gartok loot, from end of last session: - Magical greataxe, +1 human bane SELL - Magical breastplate +1 SELL - Magical belt of health +2 OSRANE - Magical Ring of Protection +1 ANYA

We climb down a passage below the gory thrown of Gartok, Carrion King.

At the bottom of the passage there is a fully lit and lush room with a pond and comfortable stone benches.

Three almond trees, full of tempting fruit, acting like goodberries. The water is clear and clean and tasty.

One side chamber has a smooth stone disk set in the floor, which teleports us to a stone cavern when we stand on the disk. The cavern has stone pillars engraved with Ignan binding runes. Hagrim realizes there are djinn imprisoned by efreet in the columns, and some of their spirits are moaning at us.

A couple of the half-undead djinn start attacking us, but we dispatch the incorporeal things quickly. After exploring to see how big the cavern might be, we exit via the one passageway and find a chamber filled with sand on the floor.

A sand kraken in the middle seems to be made of stone, but it turns to flesh and attacks us. Anya almost dies as it grabs her from across the room during her spell, but she is saved by Easu and Hagrim.

Past the sand chamber with the kraken we find a room with many varied symbols to Rovagug and a single sarcophagus. Hagrim removes the religion from the room with Osrane’s help, and then we open up the Sarcophagus. Inside is a gnoll skeleton, probably female, long decomposed. She is holding a great axe, mithril chain mail, two rings, a pouch, a periapt. - Great Axe [evil] => Destroy? - Mithril Chain Mail +3 => Hagrim, later Rags - Ring of minor energy resistance (fire) => Osrane - Ring protection +2 => Hagrim - 2 Doses of Dust of Resurrection => Party - Periapt of Wisdom +4 => Anya - Scroll Tube: scroll with glassy side that has a rune on it => Osrane

We rest there for the night and then go upstairs and we are confronted by Madfang (human with cleaver) and four big brutish feral gnolls. As we refuse to give them the key, the gnoll ego of Sayifed shows up out of nowhere and starts attacking us. We take out the gnolls and human but the outsider uses plane shift to escape.

We explore more and find the Carrion King’s weapon collection, including a +1 Vicious Whip. Madfang’s private quarters contain 3 potions, and the King’s living room has 3500 gold and precious stones (3000 gp) in a chest.

On our way back to Kelmarane we are attacked at night by two Manticores, but the Griffons we helped earlier chase them off. Osrane talks with a young Griffon who may be amenable to cooperating in the future, setting the stage for a flying mount.

Edit: We also were attack by the huge earth elemental.



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