Do what you will, but do not interfere with trade. This is the only law of Katapesh. Under the guidance of the mysterious and alien Pactmasters, this simple rule has allowed Katapesh to become one of the wealthiest nations of the Inner Sea region, where goods, services, and creatures of all kinds are available for the right price. Katapesh is a wild land of danger and temptation, home to scheming merchants and bestial gnoll slavers - a perfect place for bold adventurers to prove themselves…

The strange map that our heroes have recently discovered in the belly of an ancient temple has all of Katapesh intrigued. Yet none can decipher the strange markings, nor confirm much about the scroll’s purpose. In order to learn more, a trip to the sprawling market city of Katapesh itself must be mounted. Yet others want the map for themselves - scheming merchants, enraged gnolls, and even a murderous society that seeks the treasure as their own. What could be hidden within that could drive so many to such desperate acts of violence and mayhem? Is this artifact truly the one and only Scroll of Kakishon, and does the one who controls it really control an entire world?

Legacy of Fire Adventure Path

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